Why these two high school students chose Stateline Fitness!

“Hi, I’m Mia…and I’m Anika.”

How did you find out about Stateline Fitness?
“I found out about Stateline Fitness almost two years ago from one of my mom’s friends…and I found out about Stateline from Mia!”

Why did you initially join the gym?
“I initially joined the gym just because I was starting a new school year and I just wanted a place close to my house where I could workout everyday and just stay active…and I joined the gym because I had taken a few classes before the pandemic with Mia just for fun and I really enjoyed it but during the pandemic a lot of my sports seasons at the high school were cancelled and I kind of missed being able to go to practice everyday after school so Stateline kind of recreated that practice vibe and I really enjoy just having time to be active everyday.”

Why do you continue to come to the gym?
“I continue to come to they gym today because it’s really become a part of my everyday routine. Every day that I don’t go to CrossFit seems like a day wasted and it’s definitely been great to have that hour set aside where I’m not stressed about school and I get to spend time with my friends working out…Exactly! I think I also continue to come to the gym everyday because it’s kind of addicting just the feeling of not focusing on anything else and being able to improve on your workouts and seeing how you can push yourself everyday so that’s what I really enjoy about it.”

What has Stateline Fitness done for you physically?
“Physically, Stateline Fitness has done a lot for me. I think the really cool thing about CrossFit is it’s very easy to see how you’re progressing, whether it’s being able to lift heavier weights or perform more reps of a certain movement. When I first joined I could hardly even lift a barbell as is so being able to lift a lot heavier, add more weights has really shown me how I can progress if I push myself…Yeah, me too. Physically, it’s given me much more energy throughout the day. It’s made me sleep better, it’s made me feel less stressed, and also so much stronger which is really, really cool.”

Beyond the physical, what benefits do you get from Stateline Fitness?
“Beyond the physical, Stateline has definitely improved my life in terms of mental well-being. I think especially during the pandemic, I don’t know what I would have done if I didn’t have CrossFit to go to every day. I think it definitely is an escape from everyday stress…Exactly, also just being seniors, both Mia and I, it’s very scary and disappointing that this is our last year at home, and not being able to see our friends and also our college year next year being uncertain, I think that its really helped a lot with our stress because we’re able to go to the gym, see friends, see each other, and kind of relax in that moment and focus on pushing ourselves physically which really helps.”