Individual Programming


Do you prefer to workout at home? Are you tired of your current gym routine? Maybe you travel and find it hard to keep up with your exercise? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then we have an answer for you – individual programming! Having your own private exercise program tailored to your needs and goals is a great way to keep up your fitness no matter where you workout or what equipment you have available to you.

What You Should Expect

Individual programs are completely based on what you want and are designed to fit your schedule. Within the True Coach app, you can expect anywhere from 3-6 days of programming every week, complete with a warmup, video explanations of the movements, workouts specifically designed for you, a cooldown, and in-app communication with a qualified coach!

Why You Should Participate

Going to a gym solo with no plan can be daunting and attending a group fitness class isn’t for everyone. Maybe you have kids or travel a lot and can’t find the time to physically get to a gym, or maybe you want to train for a specific sport. Whatever the case may be, this is where individual programming works best! Do your workouts wherever you are whenever you want on your own time!

Individual Program Rate:

Individual Program
$199/month (3 month commitment)
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